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Ideas and Resources to support a Primary Project about Victorians using the Internet.

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Welcome to the Victorians Primary Project pages.

foxt The aim of these pages is to give children ideas and information to help them carry out a project on Victorians - whether they are just trying to find the answer to one question or as part of a large topic. Children who are used to using the World Wide Web will be able to use these pages by themselves but they are likely to get more out of it with help from their parents and teachers.

This site is divided into six main sections; Ideas, Links, Resources, Information, Hands-on and Feedback. Click on the icons on the left of this page to get to any section; or use the links at the bottom of each page.

The ideal starting point for parents and teachers is the Ideas section. This gives a list of topics children might cover in a large project on Victorians and the sorts of questions they might ask - and want the answers to.

rocketChildren will want to start with the Hands-on section. This has ten activities they can do using information which they can find on the World Wide Web or from books and CD-Roms. Most activities have an accompanying Activity Sheet which is designed to be printed out onto a single sheet of A4 paper. Answers to the activity sheet questions are provided.

Children will find the answers to their questions from books, CD-ROMs and the Internet. The Links pages give access to a number of World Wide Web sites where we have found materials suitable for primary aged children. The Resources page lists useful books and CD-ROMs and the Information pages suggest further places to find more information.

Finally the Feedback section invites you to comment on these pages and to contribute your ideas and suggestions to help children to learn more about Victorians.

Using Information and Communications Technology
An added bonus of using the Internet to find information and resources is that children are developing and practising their Information and Communications Technology (ICT) skills in a meaningful way.

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