Maths interactives



Carroll diagram
   Venn diagram
   Sorting 2D shapes
   Simple timer

This section has five interactives. Carroll diagram, Venn diagram and Sorting 2D shapes were developed by the National Numeracy Strategy as part of a training pack, 'Using ICT to support mathematics in primary schools'.

Handling data, a booklet which formed part of the training pack, is included as a PDF download with these three interactives. It can also be viewed by clicking on its title. It covers:

  • using a Venn diagram to sort numbers;
  • sorting shapes with a Carroll diagram;
  • presenting data using a pictogram;
  • using a branching database to sort numbers;
  • calculating the mode, median and mean sets of data;
  • understanding line graphs;
  • using pie charts to display data;
  • presenting data appropriately.

Simple Timer and TriBonds are interactives developed by Learning Connections.

Carroll diagram Venn diagram Sorting 2D shapes

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