Earth, Sun, Moon

Earth, Sun, Moon slide show

Run a slide show of high-quality photographs showing images associated with the Earth, Sun and Moon

Earth, Sun, Moon slide show

The Moon's orbit

  • Run an animation of the Moon orbiting the Earth (in plan view)
  • The Earth and Moon are illuminated from the right by the Sun
  • The current day in the lunar month is shown as the animation runs
  • Display or hide an image of the visible Moon which changes as the animation runs
  • Display or hide a sight-line to explain which the visible Moon changes shape
  • Pause the animation on any day
  • The Earth rotates once a day
  • The Moon rotates once a month - so it is always showing the same face to the Earth
The Moon's orbit

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Earth, Sun, Moon movies

Select from seven short animated movies, most created by NASA and Hubble technicians, to show simulations of the Earth, Sun and Moon:

  • Sunrise from Earth
  • Sunrise from space
  • The Moon rotating
  • The Earth rotating
  • Lunar fly-by
  • Solar eclipse
  • Venus moving across the Sun
Earth, Sun, Moon movies

How big?

  • The Earth and Moon are shown to scale in relation to the size of the Sun
  • The distance between the Earth and Moon are also to scale
  • Facts about distances and relative sizes can be displayed or hidden
How big?